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Title: The Unbearable Lightness
Rating: T
Fandom: BBC Sherlock
Characters/Pairing(s): Sherlock/Molly
DISCLAIMER: I do not own the characters in the following story. The bad grammar, the hideous plot holes and the lack of continuity or reason is completely 100% owned by me.
Summary: Sherlock's keeping a secret, but he doesn't fully understand why....

Trigger Warnings: Drug use and imprisonment.

Vertigo is not the fear of falling... )

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Written for a prompt found on the Sherlolly meme for post-Reichenbach Swaplock and really, I can't resist that. I have now expanded the story a bit.

Title: A Thousand Questions
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Sherlock
Subcat: Swaplock
Ship: Molly/Sherlock

Sally Donovan felt herself really relax for what was probably the first time in three years )
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"He'd come after me if I do."

"I'll come after you if you don't."

His tone is still soft but strong and the threat is clear.

Irene had known many people, powerful people that could snap their fingers and start wars. She'd heard her fair share of threats, been on the receiving end of many of them and she'd received them with a smile and a challenge.

But there he is, standing ten feet away from her, looking small in the large space, hands hanging loosely at his sides and his head slightly cocked to the side, waiting.

This is the threat of a good man, protecting his own.

There was nothing more dangerous in the world.

"I believe you."
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Title: Paved Roads
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC)
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, Irene Adler
Spoilers: post-Reichenbach
Rating: G
DISCLAIMER: I own absolutely nothing. Don’t sue me please.
Summary: One way or another, Sherlock Holmes had ceased to exist.
Thanks to Darcy for being my beautiful beta.

One way or another, Sherlock Holmes had ceased to exist. )
(on FF.N:X)

A/N: This story was going in a different direction, actually. But this is where it ended up. Also, I have a things for Benedict and his natural hair color. I'm still digesting my FEELINGS from the finale, but my head!canon is growing quickly.
Also, I am not part of any Sherlock comms, so if anyone could recommend one, that would be AWESOME.

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Title: Five, Ten, Fifteen (3/3)
Author: [personal profile] amaliak
Fandom: The Hunger Games
Characters: Katniss Everdeen/Peeta Mellark
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: post-Mockingjay
DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters. Please give all your money love to Susanne Collins.
Summary: He begged her for years. It’s the only thing he’d ever really asked of her. Ten more years.
Author Notes: Thank you to all who've been reading this!

Part I: FIVE
Part II: TEN

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Title: Five, Ten, Fifteen (2/3)
Author: [personal profile] amaliak
Fandom: The Hunger Games
Characters: Katniss Everdeen/Peeta Mellark
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: post-Mockingjay
DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters. Please give all your money love to Susanne Collins.
Summary: He begged her for years. It’s the only thing he’d ever really asked of her. Ten years later.
Author’s Note: Thank you to all who read part 1! This is my first THG fic, so I appreciate your kindness.

part 1: FIVE

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Title: Five, Ten, Fifteen 1/3
Author: [personal profile] amaliak
Fandom: The Hunger Games
Characters: Katniss Everdeen/Peeta Mellark
Rating: PG-13
Summary:He begged her for five, ten, fifteen years. He wanted children.




Sep. 30th, 2011 11:31 am
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This is for my own sake. Also because [personal profile] coffeesuperhero insisted that I do it. XD


ALIAS FANDOM - (yeah, there are STILL out there)
HUE Series I - A lighter shade of pale. Sark and Sydney have been off the grid for ten years...but now that their children have disappeared, they will have to get back in touch with the life they’d thought they’d left for good.
- I have hope for this story. It’s all there in my mind. I might just throw together an outline, because I don’t think I’ll get to it w/o trying to do a complete re-write.

There’s nothing left to lose: Sydney’s missing two years.
-I actually almost finished this one! I am determined!

Graduation gift for Jo: Sark-centered. This I started as a gift. For a HIGH SCHOOL grad present. She’s now MARRIED. *facepalm*


Tin Box : Helo leaves a box of memories for Kara. What will she realize when she sees her life through his eyes?
- the oldest of my WIPs, partially published. I have a handful of drawings that I’ve finished for this, but very little plot to go around it, so it’s pretty stagnant.

Untitled Project: A HUGE HUGE massive mind-frak piece centered around Lee post-Earth. It’s really sad and really depressing, and the last section might have people wanting to kill me. Which is why I haven’t posted. I think only my brain twin has seen this.

Un-love You Prompts: Kara/Lee. Centered around the universe of the above mentioned project. Only completed 2 so far. *headdesk*

Raiders of the Lost Tomb: Kara and Lee have to team up to find the map to Earth. But the cylons are on the hunt as well...can they set aside their past and work together?
-I’m actively working on this one. Chapter 3 should be ready soon.

CSI: Caprica: (not the real title). A buddy cop Kara/Lee. Which I promised Tara a million years ago. It’s started, but I had to scrap and start all over again. -_-

The Wrath of Themis: A Helo-Kara buddy cop story collab A/U w/ Karin. Nothing posted yet, but I think we’ve got...2 chapters ready? Ish? Ugh. Karin’s going to kill me for leaving this out in the breeze like that. *headdesk*

You’ve Got Mail x-over: Untitled, being worked on w/ Naz. Sorta.


HA! None! All one-shots are done!! XDDDDDDD


The Doctor and the Professor: XMFC / Doctor Who. Charles and Nine take a little trip.
- this one’s waiting for Kris. Because I chickened out on the part we left off.

No home for this heart: BSG/XMFC. This is the continuation of the Kara/Erik story I wrote before.
- in rough draft stages.
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For Erin's comment fic post:

Read more... )
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Title: Raiders of the Lost Tomb (Part 2)
Author: [personal profile] amaliak
Rating: PG
Characters: Lee Adama, Kara Thrace, cylons, mayhem, fun, archeology
Pairings: Lee/Kara, Everyone/Adventure
Summary: The cylons are slowly bringing a war to humanity, taking over one planet at a time. However, a secret division of the cylon forces has been collecting artifacts about the ancient myth of Earth. The colonial forces approached Dr. Kara Thrace, professor of archeology in Caprica City, to help stay one step ahead of what is believed to be the cylon plan: find the map to Earth. But Kara needs to find Bill Adama, the worlds’ expert on Earth lore...
Prompt: Crossover with Indiana Jones: Kara=Indy, Lee=Marion, will hopefully include the phrase "You call this archaeology?"
Warnings: Crack. And cheesiness.
Word Count: 2273
Beta: [personal profile] nazkey helped me out. Because she is the most amazing person ever. WOOT!!
Author's Notes: The highly anticipated second part of the adventure in which nothing much happens. Other than up the adventure factor by adding space and exotic planets. Also, journals and feelings.

Lee stared out the window of the ship into the vast blackness of space. )
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N_T: Watching parents make out is kinda squicky...

Lee glanced around the corner into the hallway, his eyes darting around for any presence of the enemy. Dear Gods, the enemy. Not cylons, not anymore. His own crew, the people that he'd fought alongside for years, people that he'd been ready to give his life for, now were the people he was trying to defend himself against.

Everything looked clear and he signaled to Kara to move forward.

"So," she cleared her throat. "About...back there."

Lee suppressed a groan. He knew exactly what she was referring to.

"Did you know? I mean, I think we all kinda knew but," Kara started.

"We're NOT talking about this right now," Lee hissed, hoping his tone would make her understand that he was not about to have a conversation about his father's love life while fighting for their lives.

"I think it's kinda sweet," Kara commented, catching her shrug out of the corner of his eye. "If it weren't..."

"Kinda gross?" Lee suppied.

Kara laughed quietly, repressed from her usual guffah that the conversation would warrant. "Yeah, I'm having trouble with the visuals," she admitted.
Lee chuckled a bit too, releasing a bit of the tension of the situation. "And you thought that torturing me with those visuals was the best idea?"

"I didn't want to be alone," she told him, moving to stand across the hall from him, back pressed up against the bulkhead and gun in her hand. She grinned widely at him and he made an exaggerated roll of his eyes.

"Thanks for that, Starbuck. How about we agree to never speak of this again?" Lee suggested.

"I'll add it to the list."
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N_T prompt: Secret

Secret: Hope

Laura Roslin stared up at the tree canopy just outside of her tent, the tinkle of the stars just beyond in the dark Kobol sky. It wasn't raining now, but it was cold, and she had a root digging in her back. Her hands closed around the book of Pythia, cradled to her chest, the words in the bloodstained pages swirling in her head again and again.

With a soft sigh, she sat up, pinching the bridge of her nose as a choking sadness enveloped her. What if all this was wrong, what if all this was for nothing?

She looked out then in the the small camp of tents around her, those who trusted her, followed her here, were counting on her to be right. Her eyes fell on Kara Thrace, the young woman who was now resting against the trunk of a tree. The moonlight was hitting her blonde hair in a way that made it seemed almost glowing. She looked impossibly young right at that moment, and Laura wondered just how much someone like Kara would still follow the delusions of two old people that were simply grasping at a hope. She was putting her life on the line...for what?

Just then Lee...her Captain Apollo...appeared, having apparently just finished his watch. Laura's heart ached thinking about just how much he'd risked up until now. She watched as he stopped beside Lieutenant Thrace watching her for a moment. The moonlight showed face to Laura clearly, and she watched fascinated as it changed. He was tired, yes, worried. But right at this moment, he looked...content. There was a peace about him that she hadn't seen before. His eyes grew soft, and he carefully crouched down beside Kara, his hand hovering just over her hair, as if trying to gain the courage to touch her. He seemed to change his mind and brought his face closer, obscuring from Laura's view just what he was doing.

From where she lay, she could almost believe he was praying.

Then, just as fast as it had happened, he straightened up, still kneeling beside the sleeping lieutenant, but this time shaking her shoulder. Laura watched as Kara's face contorted in displeasure, but Lee was insistent and though Laura couldn't hear them, she could tell that it was time to switch the guard. Kara's answer to that must have been a snarky one, and Lee gave her a long-suffering look, but settled down on the ground right next to Kara. She leaned on him heavily in an exaggerated move to stand up and kicked him lightly as she stood up to go on watch. He grinned smugly and pretended to fall asleep immediately. Kara stomped away, grumbling to herself and Laura suppressed a giggle. She continued to watch closely as Lee adjusted himself on the ground, now occupying the spot that Kara had vacated and saw how his face gained the same calm she'd seen earlier.

He had hope, she realized. And it had everything to do with the young Lieutenant.

Laura settled herself back in her tent, shifting away from the offending root, and stared at the stars again. There was hope.

And that was worth everything.


*******SECRET: HOARDING*******

She doesn't know it, but he kept a lot of her stuff when she died.

The photo of them (the three of them, the one with the guilt all over their faces) is in his quarters, sitting neatly on his desk in a small frame that Dee had put it in (more guilt).

But the other things...a Galactica sweatshirt, one that had come from the giftshop that had been destroyed along with the 12 colonies. He'd worn it for the first few weeks on Galactica, but when she got back from Caprica, she'd swiped it from his locker. He'd finally gotten it back.

A pair of earrings (from that night), a black satin shirt, an old baseball cap with a splatter of red paint.

These were kept hidden, tucked away in the corner of his locker.

She didn't know they were there.



Cally usually didn't like to hang out in the pilots ready room. It was loud and viper jocks tended to not appreciate having knuckledraggers around.

But they were celebrating the success of their homemade brew, and she was damn proud that for once, everyone wanted to come and hang out on the hangardeck. So there she was, drunker than she had been in a long long time, sitting with the big bad Viper jocks at the triad table. She was insane, she knew, because her cards sucked, but she had bet everything she had. Racetrack was giggling across from her, and the Chief was looking very seriously at his cards. Starbuck was cocky as ever as the CAG made a comment about how much she was drinking. A few others, like Sharon, looked on.

"Ok, little Miss Cally, if you're still in," Crashdown was saying to her, his speech slurring and making her giggle. "You're going to have to put up something else."

"Hey!" the Chief began protesting. "Cally is NOT going to strip, man."

"No, no. Nothing like that," Crashdown tried to explain, calming the older man down. "I'm not going to defile your precious Cally."

"Only in your dreams, Crash," Starbuck quipped, and the CAG kicked her chair.

"BUT," Crashdown went on. "I will let her bet....truth or dare."

"Jeez, Crash, what is this, a slumber party?" Racetrack asked as others joined with similar sentiments.

The rotgut was running through her veins, which is the only reason that she managed to make her voice heard over the noise: "DARE!"

There a second of surprised silence as everyone stared at her in shock. "Common, lay down your cards, Crash. I'm feeling lucky tonight!"

She lost, of course.

"Ok, ok, a bet's a bet!" Crash was saying as the rowdiness of the reveal died down. He stared at her very seriously and was doing his best to stay sitting in his chair. "Cally. I dare you to tell us a secret. And not just any secret. A real secret, something that you swore to tell no one else...and only about someone in the room."

The silence was deafening. Cally managed to catch sight of the faces of the people around her. Sharon's face had grown ashen, frozen in place, mid-drink. The Chief was staring hard at Crashdown, probably hoping to be able to shoot laser beams out of his eyes in order to blow his head up. Racetrack cleared her throat and shifted uncomfortably. Starbuck was staring right back her, all defiance and bravado, hiding the fear that Cally knew was there. She did know all their secrets, afterall.

Her eyes finally landed on the CAG, his face twitching a bit as he stared at the ground. He lifted his eyes to meet hers just then, their intensity piercing through the alcohol. She remembered how he'd looked a few weeks earlier, how he'd looked at Starbuck when she'd vowed to always love him and be by his side as the gods intended, remembered the way his hand had shaken slightly when signing the legal documents. She thought of the way he'd hugged her, just as she'd finished signing her own name by the witness box.

"Ok, I've got a good one," Cally said, leaning forward with a conspiratorial grin. Dropping her voice to stage whisper she said, "You use rolled up socks in your pants, and they're the same ones that you use to sweeten the pot at the triad table."

The exploding chorus of disgust that followed was almost deafening, and had put the cap on the night. The CAG reminded everyone about duty the next day, and slowly the group dispersed.

Cally stood up from the table, swaying on her feet.

"Easy, easy," Cheif said, holding her steady. "Gods, you're a lightweight Cally. It's a good thing you've got the day off tomorrow."

Cally giggled as she tried to straighten up, but her legs gave out from under her and she plunked to the floor. Laughter came out of her in waves, and while she knew she was going to regret this in the morning, she was happy.

"Let me give you a hand with that, Chief," she heard the CAG say, and before she knew it she was being lifted up in the air and carried off across the deck to crew quarters.

She clung to the CAG's neck, noting that he smelled of engine grease and liquor (or was that her?) and before she knew it, she was being placed inside her bunk.

Later, she would blush with embarrassment that the CAG even did that.

Later, she would remember that he'd kissed her forehead and thanked her quietly.

Later, she would remind him that she was always good at keeping secrets.

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N_T Prompt: Earth in the future...

12 years and three months from the day they met, Lee Adama married Kara Thrace.

She actually wore a dress, her long hair brushed into a soft braid that hung off her shoulder and he'd managed to shave.

They got their rings tattooed on their fingers (Kara hadn't suggested re-using Lee's first ring that he actually still had and Lee hadn't commented about how she already had a marriage tattoo) and the priest had blessed them in their new home, in front of everyone that lived among them.

Sharon hugged them both while Karl made a comment about it being frakking time.

They had all stayed up late into the night, a large bonfire lighting the festivities and the newly ready bottles of wine were passed around, no one noticed that the bride and groom had disappeared.


"Do remember the first time we saw these stars?"

Kara continued to ran her fingers along the arm that Lee had wrapped across her shoulders. They were both staring up at the night sky, feeling the light breeze as it played across the grass all around them.

"On Kobol," she answered his question, "Once I figured it out before all the rest of you."

"We would have gotten it eventually, Kara," he argued halfheartedly.

"Dream on, Apollo. Face it, you'd be lost without me," she said so smugly that he laughed, the sound sounding crystalline around them.

"Yeah, I would," he agreed with her.

They were quiet for a little while longer.

"Thank you," Lee said then. He voice was so loaded with emotion that she leaned up on her elbow, turning to peer at his face in the dark.

"What for?" she asked, genuinely puzzled. If anything, she should be thanking him for stubbornly sticking with her for all these years. And how had she actually thanked him? By saddling him with her for the rest of their lives. Poor guy.

She could see his eyes clearly in the starlight, the blue in them seeming more intense than they had in a long time. "For staying."

Her breath caught in her throat. She couldn't believe just how much she loved this man, didn't want to think about how much she had done nothing to deserve him because the gods would figure it out soon enough.

She kissed him deeply, trying to hold him as closely to her as she possibly could. The gods couldn't take one of them if they couldn't tell them apart.

But the gods weren't looking to punish Kara Thrace or Lee Adama. They let them be, allowing them to live out the rest of their lives always together.


*********SALT ISN'T JUST FOR TEARS**********

It took them almost a week to get there.

They could smell the change in the air before they arrived, and when they cleared past the brush, the whole group stopped by the end and stared.

Three years they'd been on Earth, and this was the first time they'd seen the ocean.

The sparkling water glared against Helo's eyes in the afternoon sun, but the crashing of the waves and the sand beneath his feet made the whole tiring journey seem worth it. He looked beside him, down at his daughter. This was the first time she ever saw the sea, and her eyes were wide as she took in the sight, the imposing power of the sea making her take a small step behind him as she evaluated this new environment.

Suddenly, there was a whoop and he looked to see Lee running towards the water, a surprised and laughing Kara tossed over his shoulder. They were out waist deep in the water when Lee unceremoniously threw her into the water. He was laughing when she surfaced, her clothes clinging to her and her hair matted on her face as she grabbed his arm and pulled him down as the waves crashed and they both went under. A moment later, they came up again, laughing and splashing each other in the salty water, their laughter carrying over the waves, reaching their group. Sharon had already taken off her shoes and rolled up her pants, jogging through the sand over to the water. Others were doing the same as Lee was running after a whopping Kara in shallower waters, kicking up water all around them.

Hera grabbed his arm then and he saw that she was watching as Lee caught Kara in his arms and spun her around, kissing her firmly as the water lapped around their ankles.

"Why does it make them so happy, Daddy?" she asked, looking up at him expectantly.

"The sea's a nice place, honey. They haven't seen it in a long time. Now that it's here, they're happy to have it back," he explained.

Hera frowned a bit and looked back at the pair just a ways off. "It really makes them happy." She smiled.

Then she bent down, carefully removing her shoes and placing them beside her on the sand as she wandered off to join her mother in the water.

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Written for N_T A/U

He puts out the cigarette in the ash tray beside him and pulls out another, quickly lighting it up.

He kept his back to his typewriter, mockingly holding a blank sheet of paper. His editors were calling three times a day now, since he was overdue with his latest smash novel a week ago.

He couldn't tell them he hadn't even started it yet.

The phone rang again, breaking him out of his reverie. D'anna Biers was used to getting her way, and wouldn't stand for being ignored for much longer. Any minute now she would march herself over here and demand to see his first draft.

Lee put out his cigarette and grabbed his hat and coat. He wasn't going to stick around for when she showed up.


He walked along the riverbank, the bright neon lights of the city nearly drowning out the night. He sat down on a bench, crossing his arms against the chill of the night.

All around him, people were bustling back and forth, moving between clubs and restaurants without a care in the world. His mood was dark, and he stood up, walking further away.

That's when he saw her.

He felt captured in her eyes, this stranger with this the enigmatic smile. She was beautiful, inviting him into her world...he didn't want to leave.

He wasn't sure how long her stood there staring at her up on that billboard, but when he snapped to, he rushed back to his apartment.

There was a scrawled note from D'anna taped to his door ("Call me, ASAP!") which he tore down and dropped into the wastebasket. He didn't even bother to take off his coat before he started pounding frantically on this typewriter, the story swirling inside his head, forming a vivid and emotional story, so real it was as if he'd lived it.

Kara Thrace was a woman who would not be tamed.
She broke my heart, and there's no one else in the world that I'd rather give the mended pieces back to...

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For N_T "Love Letters" Prompt

She tucked the letter into the bottom of his drawer, carefully, arranging his socks over it.

Things were good. Two years of marriage, and things are surprisingly good. But Lee was hinting at children. And she knew that was going to be a problem. It would come to a head, and she wasn't sure what would happen then.

He needed to know.

Even if she couldn't tell him.


**********"Cuz we're like, in high school"***********

Lee was scribbling notes at his desk, not terribly immersed in the lecture from the professor, but he was doing his best to stay awake.
Suddenly, a folded slip dropped on his page, startling him. He glanced around him quickly, but knew there was only one person this could have come from.

He carefully opened it on his desk.

He nearly laughed. He and Kara had gotten into another fight earlier that day before school, and he'd stormed off in a huff, ignoring her parting shots. Nothing terribly different from other fights that they had.

As quietly as he could, he tore off a corner of his note pad.

He tossed it over to her desk, two behind him in and to his left, and pretended to go back to the lecture.

Soon enough, another folded note landed on his desk.

He genuinely smiled and didn't hesitate for a moment.


******The Lighter Side*************

Lee stood at the podium in the ready room, nervously shuffling papers for the briefing. He'd only been doing this for two weeks (how could it have possibly been so short a time?), and he couldn't help but feel that everyone knew he didn't belong there. He was CAG, sure, but not because he was any good at it. ost of the pilots there had been flying as long as he had, if not longer, and he could feel their scrutiny...he was there by default, because everyone else with the rank for it was dead.

There was a lull in the conversations in the room. He cleared his throat.

"Sheppard, Beano, you're on first CAP today at 0900 hours. You'll be supervising the water runs for The Orion and Colonial One," he said, reading off from the first piece of paper that he had with the schedule. He continued to read down the list of instructions passed along by the XO.

"Starbuck, you're with me at 1900 and--" he managed to stop short. He blinked and looked again at the paper in front of him. There it was in black and white: Starbuck/Apollo; 1900 CAP. Frak first, fly after.

It was even in the Colonel's handwriting.

He looked sharply up over at Kara, who had a smug grin on her face as lifted her hand. "I'm sorry, Sir. Were we expected to do something specific?" All innocence. He was sure he was blushing.

He was going to kill her.

"No. That's all. Dismissed," he snapped, gathering his folders quickly and walking briskly out of the ready room.

He'd need time to think of his revenge.


******Happy Honeymoon************

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For N_T, "Why do you miss pilots?"

"I miss us."

Kara lifted an eyebrow at this non-sequitur from Lee.

"You miss 'us'?" Kara asked slowly, trying to gauge where he was going with this. The subject of 'them' was an open, lush and inviting...and chalked full of landmines ready to below anyone who came near to kingdom come.

Lee had stuck his hands in his pockets, looking down at the ground for a second as he smiled. "Yeah. I do." He looked up at her then, shrugging a bit. "We never see each other anymore. I feel like we haven't even really talked in..." he shrugged, trying to find the words.

She saved him the trouble. "You're the president of the Colonies, Lee. I'm Galactica's CAG. We're on the way to Earth. There's not exactly a lot of time to hang out at Joe's and play a hand of triad anymore."

He gave her a withering look that said that's not what he had meant, and she knew it. "There's always something," he said, and that was inching a little close to their usual landmines. He stopped just short of it, though, shaking his head and softening his gaze. "I just miss working together, going out on CAPs, you ignoring my speeches in the ready room, me beating the crap out of you in triad."

Kara laughed at this. "What universe were you living in, Apollo? You could never beat me at triad."

Lee joined her and it hit her all at once that he was right. She missed hearing him laugh, missed the teasing, the constant company.
After everything that they'd been through, all they'd hurt each other and loved and lost...she missed her friend.

She didn't have many of those.

"Tell you, what," she said, "I'll make you a deal. When we get down to Earth, I'm going to pick a direction and we're going to walk as far and as long as I say we will."

Lee looked at her in mock alarm. "Are you saying you're going to take me out to a deserted field and lose me, Starbuck?"

Kara rolled her eyes. "I think I'd be doing too many people a favor." They both laughed again.

"Really, a camping trip. Just the two of us," Kara told him, feeling herself get excited about really being down on Earth, exploring it with her friend, starting a new life.

Lee genuinely smiled, the excitement that registered in his eyes making him look impossibly young. "Just you and me."

She made her way to the door, and he followed, leaving the somberness of his father's empty office and into the busy hallways of Galactica.

"And hey, if it makes you feel any better, no one listens to my speeches in the ready room either."

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Pilots scenes that could have been different?


Kara sits in her cockpit, her breaths shallow and ragged. Her helmet is cracked, and somewhere in the back of her mind she knows it's a miracle her bird landed on the deck and didn't just disintegrate into a thousand pieces....

The explosion flashes behind her eyes and she knows she's going to be sick. She barely manages to take off her helmet before emptying the contents of her stomach all over the controls. She thinks she's still gagging, but realizes that she's in fact sobbing as some lifts her out of the mess of her cockpit. She continues to gasp for air as the silent (too silent, why is it so damn QUIET?) hangar desk materializes beneath her.

Someone else (Cally, maybe?) helps her to her feet and she into the nearest head. Carefully, Kara washes off her flight suit, not daring to look up into the mirror. The scene plays again in her mind and she collapses to her knees again. She wonders for a minute how she can still hear his screams when she realizes that she's the one that's screaming, the sound echoing back at her accusingly.

You did this.

You denied destiny.

This is your fault.

Leoben (not Leoben?) glares at her from the darkened corner.

There are consequences.

Kara had listened to Lee out there. She'd pulled back at the last minute, her bird wrenching by some miracle (curse) out of the swirling mandala.

Lee hadn't.

He'd been following her. And she'd watched in horror as his bird exploded into a million brilliant pieces.

She was going to be sick again, but there wasn't anything in her. So she sat, gasping on the floor for who knows how long, alone with the knowledge of what she'd done.

She didn't notice when he'd come in. But he sat beside her, pulled her into his arms and cried on her neck. The Admiral's only son was dead. She wanted to push him away, didn't want him to touch her.

She'd rebelled against her destiny. She'd wanted to live, thought she couldn't leave Lee and the Old Man and the little she still had in her life.

There was a price for her disobedience.

This was her fault.

Now, she wanted nothing more than to be dead.

Now, it wouldn't change a thing.


Lee shifted from one foot to another nervously.

It wasn't anything he hadn't done before. Hell, the time before it had been more of a long shot, with much much steeper repercussions.

This should be cake. Easy.

His hands were sweating annoying, so he shoved them into he pockets of his pants, trying to remain as casual as possible. maybe this was the problem. Whatever his feelings were towards the service now, there was something about the uniform that made him confident, let him really believe that he was doing the right thing for the right reasons.

Maybe the problem was that the uniform he wore now was full of doubt.

He strolled as casually as he could into the cell, somewhat alarmed that the guard hadn't checked him for any weapons.

The cell door closed behind him, but didn't lock.


This might be easier than he thought.

Kara looked up at him from her position on the other side of the cell. She smiled sadly. "Hey."

It brought a lump to his throat to hear her voice again. "Hey," he managed, returning her smile.

She'd been crying. He could tell by her red rimmed eyes and the shakiness of her breathing, but he didn't come any closer to her. There she was, back from the dead, real, alive, and he couldn't come any closer. He can't do anything but stare at the floor.

"So, I...I heard that you were leaving," she breaks the silence in a soft voice. She's looking right at him, he knows, but he still can't meet her gaze.

"Ummm, yeah. Yeah, I am," he chuckles a bit, taking advantage of the akwardness to glance at the rest of their surroundings. Only one guard in the cell. One outside.

"You're going to be Zarek's wingman," she teases, and he looks at her then, her smile real and genuine.

He wants to kiss her.

"Stow it, ok," he says with a laugh. "I've gotten enough from everyone else."

They go silent again, and his shoes scuff the floor. This is it. He's got to let her in on it.

"You know, I think I understand what you mean now," he starts, catching and holding her gaze. She head tilts quizzically. The soft smile hasn't left her face, but he can see her pushing back tears. "About having a destiny."

She lets out a short laugh. "Yeah, well," she lifts her hands to her surroundings. "It's a glamorous gig."

He remains serious. "This is something I have to do."

Her eyes are back to his and her smile has dissolved and she sits up a little straighter. She's reading him again, and her eyes slightly widen.

Slowly and deliberately, she stands up, closing the space between them as she extends her hand. "Good luck, Lee Adama." She thinks he's crazy. He might be.

He doesn't care.

He places her hand in hers, holding it firmly. "You too, Kara Thrace."

She holds his eyes and for a split second he thinks that she might back out. But she gives his hand a squeeze and he knows she'll follow where he leads.

It's ironic.

He lets go of her and turns to the guard, who moves to open the (unlocked) cell door. In a flash, the man on the ground at his feet, and Kara was stepping over the unconscious man.

Before he knows it, he's pulled Kara in close, kissing her full on and she's clinging to him, pent up longing unfurling in a rush of relief and adrenaline.

"You are beyond insane, you know that, right," she breathes as he continues to kiss her forehead, her cheeks, her neck.

"You forget, I've done this before," he whispers against her skin before pulling back to give her a grin. "Breaking people out of the brig has become a nasty habit."

She shakes her head at him in disbelief as he handed her the guard's weapon.

"Lee Adama, mutinying at inappropriate times," she says as the walk towards the door.

"Kara," he stops to catch her gaze, making sure she understands what he's doing. "I believe you."

She sobers and swallows thickly, nearly holding her breath.

"He's going to believe you too," Lee goes on. "We're going to show him."

She blinks away more tears and nods curtly, gripping the gun in her hands tighter. "I'll cover your six, Apollo."

His mouth quirks into a smile. "Missed you, Starbuck."



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