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Fandom: BBC Sherlock
Pairing: Sherlock/Molly
Rating: G
Media: graphite pencil & PS CS5
Prompt: WILD CARD: 218. Grand romantic gesture


Molly was exhausted as she climbed the steps to 221B. She would have wanted nothing more than to just make it home, but Sherlock had sent her an urgent text: "Come to 221B after your shift." It was followed immediately by: "Please." Which in Sherlock-speak meant extremely important.

Which is why she was more than a bit confused not only to find the living room mostly intact, but also completely empty.

"Sherlock?" she called out, the only response being the silence of the flat.

The sense of urgency dissipated and Molly dropped her bag by the door and toed off her shoes. She was to tired to be annoyed that her boyfriend probably forgot what time she actually got off work. Or maybe even that he'd asked her over at all, especially if he'd suddenly gotten a case. She dropped onto the couch, deciding that it wouldn't hurt to take a little nap before heading home again.

"Molly," Sherlock's voice roused her as she had nearly fallen asleep.

She blinked her eyes open to see him standing rather stiffly beside her on the couch. Rubbing her tired eyes, Molly sat up, trying to figure out his mood as he sat before her on the glass coffee table. He was nervous about something, she could tell, but before she could open her mouth he placed a black folder in her hands.

"What's this?" she asked, unsure of what she was supposed to make of it and frankly, the anxiousness that Sherlock was exuding was making her nervous.

"I've put something together for you. A set of results, if you will. Some research that I've been working on and I would appreciate if you could please look over my conclusions and see if they are to your satisfaction."

Molly restrained herself from rolling her eyes and heaving a deep sigh. "Sherlock, please tell me you didn't call me over after a twelve hour shift to go over a paper for you."

He had the decency to look chastised and Molly quickly backpedalled. She reached out and placed her hand over his. "Not that I mind doing that at all, but couldn't it have waited just a bit?"

Sherlock seemed to be debate with himself for a moment before looking at her intently again. "Please, Molly."

She relented, as she always did, and opened the folder, beginning to flip through the pages.

Molly felt herself frowning as she continued to read. Sherlock liked to pick and choose what he believed was credible about psychology, usually concentrated on things like criminal insanity and psychopathy, but she was reading on pair bonding, and what vaguely looked like anthropologic analysis of the family unit. Her brain was rapidly reaching an awareness of what she was looking at, flipping faster through the pages, her eyes briefly catching sight of genetics research and Punnett squares, before reaching nearly the end where there was results on population studies of Sussex. She flipped to the last page where a deed to a house in South Downs was staring back at her, the legal text mostly mostly a blur to her as she stopped breathing.

"Sherlock?" she asked hesitantly, looking up at him finally only to find him staring intently at her.

"Do you agree with my conclusion?" he asked, his voice neutral.

"Your conclusion?" she repeated, her brows furrowing as she looked back down at the information in her lap. "You're going to have to really break it down for me here, Sherlock, because I really need to make sure that I understand that I've just read."

"It's quite simple really," he said, carefully taking her hands in his. "Right there is every reason why we should have a family together, and additionally, proof that I have the means to do so. All that's left is for you to agree with me."

Molly sat in shock for a moment before taking her hands from Sherlock's, flipping through the papers before her once more before closing it and putting it beside her on the couch.

She looked back at him, scooting forward to the edge of the seat of the couch so that she was just inches from his face.

"Sherlock Holmes, is this really how you're telling me you want us to get married and have children?"

He swallowed thickly. "Not good?"

She slid her hands up over his shoulders and buried into his hair. "No. Very good, actually," she said before closing her space between their lips.

She felt him sigh into her mouth in relief as he leaned in closer, slipping a hand around her waist to shift them over so that she was sitting in his lap on the couch.

She giggled a bit when they resurfaced for air, kissing the tip of his nose as he smiled widely at her. "You know you could have just ask me to marry you. A simple question and a ring. Could have saved yourself a lot of trouble. And paper," Molly teased him.

Sherlock ran his hands up and down her spine slowly, making her shiver. "I had thought of that actually. But I thought you'd appreciate my being more thorough. There is a ring, though, I have on the bedside table, if you'd like."

He made to get up and as much as the thought of Sherlock actually purchasing an engagement ring for her made her giddy, she was not about to let him leave her side. She pushed him back onto the couch, pushing his shoulders down to that he was properly lying on it as she straddled his hips.

"Later," she said, capturing his lips again and he was only to happy to comply.


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