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So I'm nursing a cold and have been napping on and off.
I'm playing with this livestreaming business and...well, it's not actually going terribly well because I don't know if I'm doing it right.
oh well.
Anyway, I made this one tonight on the livestream (though I'm not sure anyone actually watched it).

are you trying to seduce me? )
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Petra brought up the fact that men are usually not as ready as they think they are to witness the birth of their child....

He thought he could do research... )
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This is one is going up on DW/LJ first and later on tumblr.

This was done for sempaiko, who was having a rather crappy day at the time and wanted some steampunk!Sherlolly. And this is how I take care of my friends.


Please ignore the obvious decisions that I made later w/ the composition. XD
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Clare requested Victorian!Sherlolly in disguise for a case.

And I couldn't help it, it was too cute. :D

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Fill for the [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo BINGO CARD

Fandom: BBC Sherlock
Pairing: Sherlock/Molly
Rating: G
Media: graphite pencil
Prompt: Reluctantly accepting help

I really didn't need your help, Sherlock. )
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yes! to celebrate the return of my photoshop (now new and improved!), I've brewed a batch of Sherlock icons! Whee!!


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"He'd come after me if I do."

"I'll come after you if you don't."

His tone is still soft but strong and the threat is clear.

Irene had known many people, powerful people that could snap their fingers and start wars. She'd heard her fair share of threats, been on the receiving end of many of them and she'd received them with a smile and a challenge.

But there he is, standing ten feet away from her, looking small in the large space, hands hanging loosely at his sides and his head slightly cocked to the side, waiting.

This is the threat of a good man, protecting his own.

There was nothing more dangerous in the world.

"I believe you."
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Something about being sick brings out the weirdest impulses to be creative. Usually, it's to draw.
But today, I dusted off my GIMP and made....ALL THE SHERLOCK THINGS.

Mostly big things. I actually made series 2 posters.

My fav:

the rest under a cut since they will mess with your layout. )

I regret very little.
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I continue to need more Sherlock/Molly fics.

Like, RFN.

Do you guys understand how DIFFICULT it is to find QUALITY het fics in the Sherlock fandom???

I mean, really???

I haven't been this desperate for fics since my first six months of Galactica.


in other news, I am sick.


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Title: Paved Roads
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC)
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, Irene Adler
Spoilers: post-Reichenbach
Rating: G
DISCLAIMER: I own absolutely nothing. Don’t sue me please.
Summary: One way or another, Sherlock Holmes had ceased to exist.
Thanks to Darcy for being my beautiful beta.

One way or another, Sherlock Holmes had ceased to exist. )
(on FF.N:X)

A/N: This story was going in a different direction, actually. But this is where it ended up. Also, I have a things for Benedict and his natural hair color. I'm still digesting my FEELINGS from the finale, but my head!canon is growing quickly.
Also, I am not part of any Sherlock comms, so if anyone could recommend one, that would be AWESOME.



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